RTD Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

RTD Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

The RTD Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor is an advanced temperature sensing solution that offers superior accuracy and reliability. Platinum resistance temperature sensors are designed to monitor temperatures in a wide range of applications, from industrial processes to medical equipment. It features a rugged construction and a high-precision platinum element that ensures accurate readings. 

With its low-temperature coefficient and low self-heating characteristics, this platinum RTD temperature sensor offers a long service life and high stability. It also features a fast response time, allowing for quick temperature measurement. This sensor is ideal for applications where accuracy and reliability are paramount. It is also compatible with a variety of control systems, making it easy to integrate into existing systems. Know more details, welcome to contact us.

Industrial Equipment Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

Customized food-grade SS304 tube can be made in any size or appearance. Excellent high-temperature measuring precision, a broad temperature measurement range, outstanding moisture resistance, and high dependability are only a few of the product's many strengths.

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Motor PT100 PT1000 Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

Temperature is measured using a platinum thermal resistance sensor made of PT100 or PT1000. Typically, it is used in conjunction with control, recording, and display devices. The temperature range is -50°C to 200°C. in order to fully realize the measurement, control, and regulation of temperature.

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Steam Oven Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

Utilizing an RTD temperature sensor chip, an external protective tube made of 304 food-grade stainless steel is used to ensure normal operation within 450 degrees. The Y53 series oven temperature sensor uses either 380-degree PTFE wire or 450-degree mica glass fiber wire depending on the specific work requirements.

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PT100, PT200, PT1000 Measure Instruments Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor

For fixation, this series uses an SS304 tube with a rolling groove. Customers may install their screws more easily since it can customize screws of various specifications. It uses two or three wires of silver-plated wire with a Teflon sheath, is highly reliable, has outstanding characteristic stability and consistency, and can measure temperatures accurately up to a high temperature.

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2 Wire 3 Wire RTD Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor For New Energy

The Y60 series platinum resistance sensor uses two-wire or three-wire silver-plated Teflon wire, which offers high-temperature measurement precision and strong dependability. This series is packaged in 304 stainless steel or PTFE Teflon rubber.

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4 Wire Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor For BBQ Oven

The product has excellent characteristic stability and consistency, high-temperature measuring accuracy, wide temperature measurement range, good moisture resistance, and high reliability.

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Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor For Heat Meter

The precision of each pair of temperature probes after pairing may meet the error of 0.1°C, and each pair of temperature sensors for the heat meter series industrial temperature sensors conforms to the criteria of Chinese standard CJ 128-2007 and European standard EN 1434 in terms of error range. To avoid MIS installation due to the length of the cable, the two ends of the probe are each marked with a red and blue marker. Upper water is at the red end, while lower water is at the blue end.

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RTD Air Water Temperature Sensor

The platinum resistance temperature sensor is a thermometer that measures temperature by adjusting its resistance. The resistance-temperature polynomial function R expresses the standard relationship between resistance and temperature, which is supplied in the form of a graduated table because the characteristic curve of the platinum resistor is non-linear (t).

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